These are the salaries single people need to survive in every state (2024)

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As more adults are marrying later or choosing to stay single, a recent report calculated the average salary in each state which a single person needs to live comfortably.

No shocker here: New York made the top five.

On average, single workers in the US require an annual income of $57,200 to make a living wage in America, according to the analysis by GOBankingRates.

That amount is a couple thousand less than the average income of all American workers, regardless of marital status — $59,428, according to Forbes.

To determine the wage baselines, GoBankingRates used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to quantify the minimum amount a single person would need to follow a 50/30/20 budget — meaning 50% for necessities, 30% for discretionary spending and 20% for savings or investments.

Hawaii is the most expensive state for singles, requiring them to rake in an annual salary of $112,411 to live comfortably.

Unfortunately, the average yearly salary in the Aloha State — which has one of the highest costs of living — falls significantly short at $61,420, reported Forbes.

Perhaps surprisingly, it’s also the only state where a single person needs to make six figures to get by.

Massachusetts, California, New York and Alaska fill out the top five salary needs for those who aren’t married or shacking up.

These are the salaries single people need to survive in every state (1)

Ideally, singles in Massachusetts should be cashing in an annual salary of $87,909, but the average worker makes about $11,000 less, reporting an average pay of $76,600.

Unhitched employees in the Golden State, meanwhile, should want to collect $80,013 a year but aren’t likely to make that much, as the average salary in the state is reported at $73,220.

New York has yet again proven that it encourages independence by requiring singles to make $73,226, which is just a little below the average salary of $74,870 calculated by Forbes.

Up in Alaska, singlehood also seems to be more welcoming.

Solo people should be able to live comfortably aiming for an annual salary of $71,570, which seems achievable with a statewide average salary of $66,130.

Massachusetts, California and New York all require high living wages largely due to the fact that Boston, Los Angeles and New York City — some of the biggest cities in the country — havesome of the highest housing costs in the US, which singles have to take on alone.

Other studies have additionally claimed that New York City is the most expensive place to live as a single person.

These are the salaries single people need to survive in every state (2)

Unsurprisingly at the very bottom of the list, Mississippi — the poorest state in the country — only requires singles to make about $45,906 a year, which seems attainable with an average salary of $45,180.

Top five most expensive states to be single:

  1. Hawaii:$112,411
  2. Massachusetts:$87,909
  3. California:$80,013
  4. New York:$73,226
  5. Alaska:$71,570
These are the salaries single people need to survive in every state (2024)


How much does a single person need to make to survive? ›

The national median for living comfortably alone is $89,461, which suggests that a 50/30/20 budget might not be practical for most single people. Living alone comes with added costs that can be more than double what you'd spend if you lived with someone else — otherwise known as the “singles tax.”

How much do you need to make to live comfortably in every state? ›

Salary Needed to Live Comfortably in Each State
RankStateSalary needed for a single working adult
4New York$111,738
11 more rows
Apr 10, 2024

What do you consider to be a livable income for a single person? ›

This is how much singles need to live comfortably in California
47New York$73,226
46 more rows
Aug 30, 2023

What is the salary a single person needs in Chicago? ›

According to SmartAsset, this is how much money a single adult needs to make in Chicago to not live paycheck-to-paycheck: Hourly wage needed: $47.38. Salary needed: $98,550.

How much salary is enough? ›

An individual must earn $96,500 a year before taxes to afford housing, groceries, transportation and entertainment, while also paying off debt and putting some money into savings, according to personal finance website SmartAsset.

How much income do I need to survive? ›

The study found that a person needs an average of $96,500 for sustainable comfort in a major U.S. city. It's even more expensive for families, who need to make an average combined income of about $235,000 to support two adults and two children without the pressure of living paycheck to paycheck.

What is a comfortable salary? ›

Annual salary needed for a single adult to live comfortably: $126,797. Combined salaries for two working adults with two children needed: $291,450. 4. Santa Ana, California. Hourly wage needed for a single adult: $60.96.

How much money to live without working? ›

This means the value of money today is not the same as it will be in the future. To account for this, experts suggest you multiply your desired retirement income by 25 times. So if you want to retire on $20,000 a year, you would need $500,000 saved to live comfortably and never have to work again.

What is the cheapest state to live in? ›

The most affordable U.S. state overall is Utah, in which the cost of living makes up 63.3% of average residents' income. Coming in second place is Tennessee, in which the cost of living makes up 63.7% of average income.

What is a good salary in the US per month? ›

According to the latest figures by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average salary in USA per month is $5,677 or $68,124 per year. As of 2023, the gross minimum salary in the USA is $32.75 per hour. Salaries range from $32,916 to $112,268 per year and include housing, transport, and other benefits.

How much is 80k a year hourly? ›

If you make $80,000 a year, your hourly salary would be $38.46.

What is considered high income single? ›

For a single individual, $100,000 would actually put you in the upper-income level in most places.

Do single people get paid more? ›

The outcome seems clear: On average, single people earn less than married people. Depending on your salary and how long you're married, this difference can cost you up to half a million dollars or more throughout your working life. If we account for compound interest, this disparity only grows.

What is a good salary for a single person in Florida? ›

What is a good hourly rate in Florida? What is a living wage in Florida? According to MIT's Living Wage Calculator, a living wage for a single adult with no children in Florida to pay for necessities where they live was, on average, $17.72 an hour as of the first quarter of 2023, or about $36,857.60 per year.

Is 120k a good salary in Chicago? ›

If you are single, $120k will let you live very very comfortably and save a good chunk of change. The cost of living in the Chicago area is not as high as it is in the Northeast or California.

Can a single person live on $30000 a year? ›

It's quite possible to live well on $30,000 per year if you're debt-free, but what if you have debt? I would recommend trying to pay it off as quickly as possible with the debt snowball approach. Cut your expenses as much as you can and put the amount you save toward debt each month.

How much money can you live off of for the rest of your life? ›

The most common answer was between $1 million—$10 million (USD). That is a surprisingly low number when you consider that they were not asked “how much do you need to retire?” but how much to fund their “ideal life”.


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